20-Tracks MultiTrack-Player


The MPX-Player for Android

What is MPX?

MPX is a new audio format in which the different voices in the song are available individually.
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PLAYER- or STUDIO-Version?

At least one member of a band or an orchestra needs the STUDIO version. He uses this to create the MPX files that the other members playback on their PLAYER version. Studios and sheet music publishers also need a STUDIO version in order to be able to share MPX files.

What can I use 20Track for?

20Tracks can make work easier for musicians in many areas:

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How do I convert a DEMO version into a PLAYER version for free?

You need an activation code for this, which you can get from your music publisher or band leader. But even he does not receive the activation codes for free, but buys discounted licenses from us, which he then distributes.

Where can I buy discounted licenses?

You are a publisher or an orchestra leader. Then you can purchase discounted license packages directly from us: 10 licenses for 40.00 EUR or 30 licenses for 100.00 EUR can be found in the shop: to the SHOP . For larger quantities, please contact our staff by phone.

Where can I find more MPX songs?

With MPX, a completely new audio format is starting, which is therefore not yet widely available. We are currently promoting publishers and recording studios to make their audio files available in this format and will be happy to draw your attention to this on our website.